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Thursday, October 14, 2010

November Election Santa Rosa Valley Blog

From Hidden Meadows resident: Marwood Stout
At the request of several of you, I would like to share the following information on the upcoming election. I am not exactly a political operative, and this is not exactly a “slate” but I am deeply committed to knowing the issues and candidates well enough to make an informed decision. I hope you find this helpful.

I am going to confess I have not read the entirety of many of the propositions. I don’t need to. After watching a few minutes of a bad movie, I know I am not going to recommend it, or even finish watching it.

On the candidates for office:
Governor Meg Whitman
I don’t think I need to elaborate on why Jerry Brown must not be elected. We are in the biggest, baddest fiscal disaster in our state’s history, and I cannot believe anyone is actually thinking of voting for a tired liberal re-tread. Is there any doubt he will go on to bow before the unions and environmentalists? Has he said anything besides “we need to stop pension spiking” to show he is serious about reforming runaway government spending?
Meg is not a perfect candidate. She has irritated me in her handling of the Arizona law issue, and voting No on prop 23 (see below). She also says she is personally against abortion but supports the right for women to choose to abort. This is so baffling to me but I don’t have enough space here to point out all that is incongruous about that position. She also should have ripped Brown to shreds over the illegal housekeeper smear. He and Gloria Allred are the racists, and Meg has been too mild and measured. Well, neither Ronald Reagan nor Tom McClintock is on the ballot, so I am pulling the lever for Meg. Like Mick Jagger said: you can't always get what you want. Meg is a good person, is in a tight race, and she needs your help.
I have yard signs and stickers if you want them. This way people can ask you, a sharp, admirable, informed person why you support Meg, and you get to tell them why.
As I mentioned before, you can do online phone banking in the comfort of your own home (remember, we are only calling registered republicans and friendlies.) There is a script to follow, and the numbers to call come up on the website. It is super-easy. Here is the link to follow:

Once you are logged on as a user, you can use the following password to pick up whereyou left off: 161A0740. I hope you can devote an hour or two.
Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado
I have to admit, I was deeply disappointed in him and voted for Sam Aanestadt in the primary. Abel voted for the stupid budget deal. But our alternative is Gavin Newsome. Nuff said.
Secretary of State Damon Dunn
You watch for Damon, a rising star in the party. He is going places. The Secretary of State manages and certifies elections. A good one in Florida saved our nation from a possible president Al Gore.
Controller Tony Strickland
As I have said many times, Tony is the man who nearly matches my political sentiments on everything. Since we think so much alike, naturally I find Tony charming and intelligent. Tony is a terrific candidate, a real man, and a real man of faith. Do you know anyone else this high up in government who went out and held up signs in support of Prop 8? I hope you consider not only voting for Tony, but also going to and make a donation to help him out. The controller gets to root out waste by auditing all the government agencies. He also gets to carry out good Governor’s orders or else be a pain in the side of a bad governor. The incumbent Chiang has not done squat. He needs to go.
Treasurer Mimi Walters
I don’t know Mimi at all. But when I was a bouncer a couple of weeks ago at a fund raiser, my job was to allow only the more generous donors into the reception and photo shoot with Tony, Damon, Abel and Mimi. I accidentally tried to bounce Mimi, and she didn’t seem too happy about it. Better wear that badge next time Mimi.
Attorney General Steve Cooley
Just for fun, I would like to see the Attorney General litigate in favor of our laws, which I believe is in the job description. Apparently Jerry Brown never read that fine print about defending our state laws, because he decided not to when Prop 8 passed and became law
Insurance Commissioner Mike Villines
Mike is a solid conservative. We cannot put anti-business people in positions like this. We need guys like Mike to try to get businesses to come to Califrnia, not repel them away.
Board of Equalization 2nd district George Runner
Same reasons as I support Villines.
Senator Carly Fiorina
Carly is on record as Pro-life and against gay marriage. When Boxer runs her stupid ads complaining about HP taking jobs out of California, Fiorina should run an ad and respond, “of course I did. It is nearly impossible to turn a profit in this state that taxes and regulates you to death.
Congress Gallegly
I am still waiting to ever hear Gallegly’s name mentioned on the news for anything except local issues. For a guy to be in congress this long without becoming a major player is puzzling.

If you live in Lois Capps district. Please vote for her opponent, even if only a Peace and Freedom candidate is on the ballot. I have met Capps several times. She seems to be more interested in abortion than virtually any other thing in the universe. One would think a nurse would be interested in saving lives not aborting them.

State Assembly Jeff Gorell
Jeff is a solid conservative fiscally. He leaves his social views off his campaign material. But I understand he is pro-choice. I do not know his prop 8 leanings. He still deserves the vote over his opponent. Remember Mick Jagger’s advice.


I have no opinions on any of these Judges. I vote no when I don’t know enough to make a solid decision when it comes to judges and propositions. If a judge becomes famous or infamous because of a valiant or stupid judgment, then I have an opinion.
Prop 19 No
I think there is probably enough medical evidence to support cannabis for medical use for insomnia or chronic anxiety and pain. OK fine. But it should be regulated by pharmaceutical law and prescribed in pills with dosages like a real drug. You know, the kind real doctors write prescriptions for. I am convinced cocaine and morphine are useful drugs too, but it is ridiculous to allow people to grow them in their backyard.

20 Yes
Redistricting has been done by the elected legislators. So it is no shock that with Democrats in power the districts are rigged to maintain power. This eliminates that, and it is a good thing.

21 No
There is no way that we should be taxed for the state parks while we register our cars. Stupid.

22 Yes
The state likes to raid tax and fee income that is designated for certain services and it always ends up in the hands of the biggest unions. Prop 22 will keep the CTA (California Teachers Association) from getting it’s hands on more designated money in the name of fiscal crisis.
23 Yes
Meg Whitman might have been smoking some Prop 19 when she said she would vote no on this. We should abolish AB 32 (mandating lower C02 emissions) permanently, but at least this prop’s temporary suspension is a start.

24 No
The CTA is backing this legislation that ups taxes on businesses. Any time someone uses the word “fairness” in the rhetoric, it is usually a code for “we need to tax people who make a lot of money because I am jealous.” Lowering taxes on business creates profit, true, but it creates jobs too. We need jobs, not jealousy.

25 No
Right now, it takes a 2/3 majority to raise taxes and pass budgets in the legislature. This would lower that to just a majority for the budget. It is a Trojan horse. This would be an utter disaster.
26 Yes
This would require that fee increases must be passed by 2/3 majority too. You see, since raising taxes requires a 2/3 majority, the Democrats have resorted to the slick maneuver of calling a tax increase a fee increase, thus avoiding the 2/3 requirement. This would help close that loophole.
27 No
This is the opposite of Prop 20. I am not sure why both are on the ballot, but we don’t want legislators drawing districts, as they will always try to consolidate their fiefdom.
So that’s it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or input.
Marwood Stout, DDS

Camarillo, Oxnard, California

(805) 981-8144