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Friday, March 20, 2009


Over the last 35 years Neighborhood Watch programs have enhanced public safety by creating community-based partnerships to fight crime and to improve the quality of neighborhood life.

As the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator in Santa Rosa Valley and in conjunction with our Santa Rosa Valley CERT Team; as discussed in our last Santa Rosa Valley MAC meeting, I began organizing an additional group that is interested in participating in a Neighborhood Watch program in Santa Rosa Valley. The response has been tremendous and we already have over 60 people signed up to be part of this group. If you are interested in joining this group and being part of the training classes, please contact me at: .

The purpose of this post is to keep residents aware of current crime issues, upcoming Neighborhood Watch Events and Alerts that affect the residents of this area.


    From Barranca resident Jeanene Calkins:
    I wanted to let you know that last night someone went through all the mail boxes on Barranca Rd.. Anything they weren't interested in was thrown on the street. Please get the word out to everyone: No mail should be left in box over night and the flag for letting the mail person know there is mail in the box should not be used.

    From Barranca resident Missy Stayton:
    Rosemary just a heads up that a neighbor of mine found scattered mail in the culverts in our neighborhood this morning. The unopened mail were bills, etc. so they must be looking for checks. Whoever didn't collect their mail from their mailboxes yesterday probably had their mail stolen last night or very early this morning.
    I notified the police department and they will be sending someone out.

    From Pamela Johnson:
    I was just walking on E Las Posas at the top of the hill and found mail in the street from two different addresses. I don’t know if this indicates someone stealing mail but I wanted to alert everyone. I will be turning the mail over to the post office letting them know what happened. They mail is from Barranca Road and Palo Verde Circle.

  2. If you were vandalized and want to make a police report contact:
    Report Vandalism: Sheriff (805) 654-9511

  3. The mail boxes on Highridge Ct. and Las Posas Circle were all broken into last night. I came home last night just before midnight and would have seen my mailbox door open had it been open. It was not. It was, however, open shortly after 7:00 a.m. this morning, and the one piece of outgoing mail I had placed there last night was gone. I called the sheriff and have already been interviewed.

    I would like to know where the mail was dumped, because my outgoing mail (a thick letter under my office address) was probably in there.


    Chris Olsen

  4. Maybe they were looking for checks but more likely they were looking for credit card bills as they have your credit card number on them.

  5. Hi, Rosemary--I went to walk my dog early this morning and found my mailbox open. I knew that I had closed it yesterday afternoon, but thought perhaps it hadn't latched and blew open in the wind. I did not notice any other open mailboxes on Presilla Road. Then, when I returned home from work at 12:30 PM, all mailboxes without locks (even some with) had wide open doors. All of the Chestnut Lane boxes were likewise open. I can't be sure that they weren't open this morning when I walked this morning, but usually I notice open boxes and close them. Thanks for the alert! Peggy Ludington

  6. Hi Rosemary,
    They got our outgoing mail too, from out mailbox about midway down Presilla Rd.Normally we don’t put the mail out until morning, but last night we put it out 10pm and it was gone before 6:45am. Kevin told the police.
    FYI, Linda Cannon

  7. Thanks, Rosemary. This afterbnoon I found our mail (Palo Verde Cir.) on the street, too!

  8. One thing I've noticed lately is a truck that drives up and two Hispanic men go through the garbage cans, on trash days. Either looking for recycles or whatever. I've scooted them away when I've seen them near my home.

    Keep me posted.
    Jackie Prach

  9. From CHP Cliff Williams:
    Sorry to hear about this Rosemary; I forwarded your e-mail to all of my patrol officers so they can be on the lookout for stolen mail. Back in
    2005 I recall one of my late night officers arresting an individual with a lot of stolen mail.
    On a personal note, recognizing how easy it would be for a thief to access mailboxes, I invested in a locking mailbox.


  10. The mail boxes are still being raided. I found five peices of mail this morning that were taken from a box on Barranca last night(4/03/09). The mail was spread over a half mile stretch. Please continue to pass the word that we all need to make sure our boxes are empty at night. Thanks, Diane Cordes

  11. From Carole Hunter:
    I had a chance to talk to my local US mail carrier a couple of days ago after getting your email alert. He said that this is not a hoax at all. He has seen mail from Pricilla tossed out onto Pradera. He also agrees that whoever is doing this is looking for bank checks to alter and obtain access to checking accounts for financial gain. My dear sweet husband (rip) was always vigilant with all things considered with fraud as he worked for (formerly) First Interstate Bank Fraud Division (now Wells Fargo). You can never ever be too careful. Shred everything and be very attentive to your environment. We live in a nearly perfect neighborhood, but we still need to be aware of things that can penetrate our tranquil living.
    Thanks Rosemary, for all that you do for all of us here in our Valley!

  12. Last year we had mail stolen out of our mail box, the phone bill was in there and they "washed" our check and re-wrote it for a larger sum. The bank cashed it, and that's when the headache began of closing that acct. opening a new one, ordering new checks, many phone calls trying to get our money back from the bank's insurance. It only took that ONE incidence for me to learn NOT to ever put out-going mail in the box. It is all taken directly to the post office. Then someone cut the door off our box, my husband recently replaced it. I pray that these thieves are caught on someone's video camera and prosecuted. We have to be our own advocate and just not put out-going mail in our boxes. thanks again, Nancy on Pradera Rd.

  13. Friday night all the mail boxes on N. Las Posas Circle were opened also! So they must be hitting different areas each night.
    Diane Artner

  14. My neighbor and I while walking found mail thrown on Presilla on April 3rd. Bills etc. We placed them back in their boxes as we were not aware of this situation.
    Rita - Redondo

  15. From Presilla resident:
    Thank you for this heads up, rosemary. I spoke to our delivery man, Patrick Michael, the other day and he confirmed this troubling situation.

  16. Of Course, we should be concerned with thieves roaming our neighborhood, but common thieves pale in comparison to the killer or killers which have been stalking our animals and perhaps even our children for the past several months.
    While a Gardner on Pradera laments the loss of a lawnmower, many families living near that area and in the Santa Rosa Valley are mourning the loss their beloved pets in recent weeks. Everytime I open one of your e-mail alerts, I cringe, fearing to read that another pet or something more precious than a little dog has been attacked and worse yet that one of our children may have been attacked, maimed or killed.

    This thing stalking our animals is a killer. I have lived in this valley for almost 50 years and unlike previous years, our ranch is presently over-run with rabbits and squirrels. There are enough rabbits and squirrels on my place this year to feed all the carnivorous animals in the whole LA County Zoo. This thing doesn't want rabbits and squirrels. It has an appetite for our domestic animals. It concerns me deeply when, for the first time ever, I see my wife standing in our doorway, never taking her eyes off of our little dogs which she has turned out briefly into a closely confined area to run and play for just a few precious minutes. Having lived 50 years in this valley, I can assure you, that we have never had to live this way. I raise horses and this year as in years past, I will have about five weaning foals to raise and care for. I can tell you right now that for the safety of these weanling foals, I am seriously thinking of sending them out of the valley until they are yearlings and able to protect and defend themselves.

    I recently had our great grandchildren visit us. They are just youngsters and we can no longer allow them to run around the ranch or be left any where on the property unattended like our children and grandchildren use to do. I am so deeply concerned with families living in this valley who have toddlers and small children who need to be let out of the house occasionally and let in their yards to play. After fifty years of feeling safe and secure, I will not now go down to my barn alone at night without being armed. The people of this valley had better get organized and take some action to rid ourselves of this killer. If a psychopathic killer were to attack or kill any child or resident in this valley, I guarantee that the authorities would surround this valley with an army of officers and exercise every means to locate and capture the fiend. Well, we do have an identified and known killer, leaping our back yard fences, killing and devouring our precious pets and God forbid that one of our children ever be left alone with one of these ill-fated pets. We hold our authorities responsible to locate and capture felons and killers roaming our streets. A killer is a killer no matter what the disguise. This creature roaming our valley is a mass killer and it had better be trapped, captured or killed before it strikes again.

    Let our authorities now be placed on notice that if they fail to act and respond to our immediate danger and this animal strikes again, harming or killing one of our children or any resident of this beleaguered valley, then they will be held accountable. Let's get our attorney's
    to put these authorties on notice right now!

    Enough of this crap about "we have to wait around until this animal kills again and that no one disturbs the maimed or lifeless body before we can examine the scene and offer you any help or assistance." That is inexcusable nonsense and admission of inability and confidence and resigning to doom and failure.

    We are repeatedly told that mountain lions are just following their instincts to find food and that they are protected and not to be harmed. Well, you just let this vicious predictor wander on to my place looking for food and I will show you how protected it is. And that's a memo!