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Friday, October 9, 2009

Mountain Lion Notifications and Updates

The purpose of this Post is to give a separate Posting location for residents to find out the history as well as the latest news on the activities, sightings of the mountain lion that has been eating some of the domestic pets in and around Santa Rosa Valley


  1. A mountain lion was reported seen in Santa Rosa Valley in the vicinity of Presilla and Escollera. No loss of animals reported in Santa Rosa Valley. Keep a look out and be careful when jogging or running in the early morning or dusk hours. Please make sure that small children are not alone on the trails. Just beware and be smart!

    Although we have not been notified of any incidents, I did get this email from another Santa Rosa Valley resident:
    Just wanted to give you a heads up....the mountain lion has attacked in the last few weeks in Moorpark. My understanding is it has killed some dogs and 2 Alpaca's in the last few weeks. Maybe you can make some calls to verify. Just wanted to let you know, did'nt know if you had heard if you want to put it on your blog to warn all do so. Remember it was last 4th of July that this thing attacked our area first.

  2. Trail Alert! Gussie Woodfill just let me know that she was on the Shooting Star trail (behind Hidden Meadows) and she happened upon 2 park rangers who showed her evidence that a mountain lion had recently fed on a deer in the area found on the baseline trail just west of the Shooting Star trail. Joggers, dog walkers and everyone should be vigilant and be careful of being in the area particularly at dusk or dawn.